Internship Opportunities (實習機會)

Our internship program provides an international platform and excellent opportunity for early-career researchers and students to interact with renowned professionals to develop their capabilities. Candidates should be inquisitive and ready to learn about current technological problems, challenges and willing to educate others via their efforts.  Research interns will collaborate closely with other scholars to do research, conduct experiments, and write quality research papers on the most timely and interesting subjects.


我們的實習計劃為處於職業生涯早期的研究人員和學生提供了一個國際平台和絕佳機會,讓他們可以與知名專業人士互動以發展他們的能力。 候選人應該好奇並準備好了解當前的技術問題、挑戰,並願意通過他們的努力來教育他人。 研究實習生將與其他學者密切合作,就最及時、最有趣的主題進行研究、進行實驗並撰寫高質量的研究論文。

All the interested candidates can fill the application form or mail their latest cv to send their latest CV to the Director CCRI, Brij B. Gupta ( )

所有感興趣的候選人都可以填寫申請表或郵寄他們的最新簡歷,將他們的最新簡歷發送給 CCRI 未來計算範式國際會議 ( )