Incubation Programs (孵化計劃)

  •  For Innovators (對於創新者)
    • This is a program for innovators/students/individuals that assists them in commercializing their concepts. Through seminars and mentorship sessions, the program aims to assist innovators/students/individuals in expanding their expertise. 
    • 這是一個面向創新者/學生/個人的項目,幫助他們將他們的概念商業化。 通過研討會和指導課程,該計劃旨在幫助創新者/學生/個人擴展他們的專業知識。
  •  For Startups (對於初創公司) 
    • This program provides tools and information to prospective companies. Members of the selected startups get the chance to engage with and understand ideas from the CCRI laboratories’ leading researchers.

    • 該計劃為潛在公司提供工具和信息。 選定初創公司的成員將有機會參與並了解 CCRI 實驗室領先研究人員的想法。