Incubation Center (孵化中心)

Aim (目標)

The CCRI Incubation Center offers a unique chance to help companies get off the ground and grow into scalable, sustainable, and successful enterprises. Participants and incubatees may make use of the many resources available from our center and the broader entrepreneurial community via this program. At the CCRI Incubation Center (CCRIIC), students, staff, and other members of the entrepreneurial community may come together to work on new ideas and start immersive experiences that can grow into profitable enterprises. Participants in the CCRIIC program benefit from the expertise and real-world experience of teachers, professionals, technology specialists, and industry practitioners, all of whom serve as mentors. For us, it’s all about making a difference in the lives of students, entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone involved in the ecosystem by helping to speed up the development of innovative technologies and businesses. All entrepreneurs, no matter what stage of development they’re at, are welcome here.


CCRI 孵化中心提供了一個獨特的機會來幫助公司起步並成長為可擴展、可持續和成功的企業。 參與者和孵化器可以通過該計劃利用我們中心和更廣泛的創業社區提供的許多資源。 在 CCRI 孵化中心 (CCRIIC),學生、員工和創業社區的其他成員可以聚集在一起研究新想法並開始沉浸式體驗,從而成長為盈利企業。 CCRIIC 計劃的參與者受益於教師、專業人士、技術專家和行業從業者的專業知識和實際經驗,他們都是導師。 對我們而言,這一切都是為了通過幫助加快創新技術和業務的發展來改變學生、企業家、投資者以及生態系統中每個人的生活。 歡迎所有企業家,無論他們處於哪個發展階段。

Focus Area (重點地區)

  • Cyber security (網絡安全) 
  • Metaverse Technologies (元界科技)
  • AI algorithms for Cyber security (網絡安全人工智能算法)
  • Cyber Security for Sensors and Actuators (傳感器和執行器的網絡安全)
  • Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Enterprises (中小企業的網絡安全)
  • Application-Specific Cyber Security, privacy and trust (特定於應用程序的網絡安全、隱私和信任)
  • Cyber Security for Smart Cities (智慧城市的網絡安全)
  • Cyber Security for Space Technologies and Space Tourism (空間技術和太空旅遊的網絡安全)
  • Cyber Security for Wireless and Network Technologies (無線和網絡技術的網絡安全)
  • Cyber Security for Automotive CE Applications (汽車 CE 應用的網絡安全)
  • Cyber Security for Internet of Things, Internet of Everywhere and Edge Computing (物聯網、無處不在的互聯網和邊緣計算的網絡安全)
  • Cyber Security for Healthcare and Wellbeing (醫療保健和福祉的網絡安全)
  • Cyber Security for Human-Machine Interaction and User Experience (人機交互和用戶體驗的網絡安全)
  • Cyber Security for Quantum Technologies (量子技術的網絡安全)
  • Security and Privacy for Hardware and Software Systems (硬件和軟件系統的安全和隱私)
  • Cyber Security for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Displays (虛擬現實、增強現實和顯示器的網絡安全)

Objectives (目標)

  • Incubation of several startups working in the domain areas identified.
  • 孵化幾家在確定的領域工作的初創公司。
  • Regular interactions with Venture Capitalist (VC) companies.
  • 定期與風險投資 (VC) 公司互動。
  • Conduct start-up weekends and similar programs to promote entrepreneurship.
  • 開展創業周末和類似計劃以促進創業。
  • Give trainings in different levels of society to create an entrepreneur friendly ecosystem.
  • 在社會的不同層面進行培訓,以創建一個企業家友好的生態系統。
  • Develop promising school or college level projects to marketable products.
  • 將有前途的學校或大學級別的項目開發為適銷對路的產品。
  • Provide technical assistance and other possible support to emerging start-ups.
  • 為新興的初創企業提供技術援助和其他可能的支持。