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Opportunities for Higher Studies@CCRI, AU (高等教育機會@CCRI, AU) |Dr Brij Gupta included in highly cited researchers list prepared by Clarivate (Web of Science) (Brij Gupta 博士入選科睿唯安 (Web of Science) 編制的高被引學者名單) |Dr. Brij Gupta’s interview on Developing Impactful Journals by Emily Leister, IGI Global, USA (Brij Gupta 博士接受美國 IGI Global 的 Emily Leister 關於發展有影響力的期刊的採訪) |15 professors from Asia University were awarded "Top 2% of the world's top scientists" (亞洲大學15位教授獲評“世界頂尖科學家Top 2%”) |Taiwan's First Coral Restoration NFT (台灣第一珊瑚修復NFT) |The Times Higher Education special issue of the United Kingdom announces the "2023 World University Rankings" (英國泰晤士高等教育特刊公佈“2023世界大學排名”) | Asia University Ranked 78 in Asia Pecific and 6 in Taiwan (亞洲大學亞太地區第78名,台灣地區第6名) | Prof. Gupta will deliver Keynote talk in 3rd IEEE ICPECA 2023 which will held during 29th–31th January 2023 in Shenyang, China (Gupta 教授將在 2023 年 1 月 29 日至 31 日在中國沉陽舉行的第三屆 IEEE ICPECA 2023 上發表主題演講) | Asia University Ranked 116 in 2022 World's Best Young Universities Ranking by Time Higher Education (亞洲大學位列2022年泰晤士高等教育世界最佳年輕大學排名第116位) | Prof. Ching-Hsien Hsu Ranked #41 in Taiwan and Ranked #6422 in the world in the list of Top Computer Science Scientists by, 2022. (Ching-Hsien Hsu 教授在 的 2022 年頂尖計算機科學科學家名單中,在台灣排名第 41 位,在全球排名第 6422 位) | Prof. Gupta joined Topical Advisory Panel of AI(Gupta教授加入人工智能專題顧問團) | Paper titled Research on identity-based batch verification schemes for security and privacy in VANETs was published by Professor Min-Shiang Hwang recently (Min-Shiang Hwang教授最近發表了題為Research on identity-based batch verification schemes for security and privacy in VANETs的論文) | Asia University Ranked 126 in World University Rankings 2022 by subject: Computer Science (亞洲大學在 2022 年世界大學排名中按學科排名第 126 位:計算機科學) | Prof. Gupta joined editorial board of Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware (VRIH) Journal (羅夫。 Gupta 加入 Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware (VRIH) Journal 編委) | Asia University Ranked 586 in 2022 Time Higher Education (THE) Ranking of World's Best Universities | Prof. Gupta joined Topical Advisory Panel of AI | Prof. Gupta recently joined Journal of Electronic Imaging as an Associate Editor | AU Held a Forum on NFT and the Metaverse | Prof. Gupta recently joined IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics (TCE) as a Senior Editor | AU’s College of Management got AACSB Accreditation Again in Feb 2022 | Prof. Gupta has recently crossed the 14000 citations for his research papers | Paper titled Balanced Energy-Aware and Fault-Tolerant Data Center Scheduling was published by Professor Ching-Hsien Hsu recently | Prof. Gupta participated as one of the Panelists in an online panel discussion on the topic "Bridges and Barriers to Cross Disciplinary Research" organized by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) & Prayag, JIIT, India. | Mr. Axel Rodriguez has recently joined Prof. Gupta's laboratory and International center for AI and cyber security research and innovation as PhD research scholar. | More

Aim (目標)

Cybercrime is one of the gravest economic and national security threats we face today. Cyber events continue to escalate in both
frequency and severity. One significant difficulty that requires continual efforts is a lack of awareness and education about cyber security dangers and the importance of adhering to best practices at all levels. The primary goal of establishing this international center for AI and cyber security research and innovation is to conduct world-class research that results in high-quality publications, patents, products, and security solutions, as well as to train students to become security professionals capable of serving the government and obtaining high-end jobs in the industry. The collected wealth of expertise, research output, and connections to the client industry have resulted in a very strong knowledge foundation for solving the client industry’s technological needs.


網絡犯罪是我們今天面臨的最嚴重的經濟和國家安全威脅之一。 兩國的網絡事件繼續升級
頻率和嚴重程度。 需要不斷努力的一個重大困難是缺乏對網絡安全危險的認識和教育,以及在各個層面堅持最佳做法的重要性。 建立這個人工智能和網絡安全研究與創新國際中心的主要目標是開展世界一流的研究,以產生高質量的出版物、專利、產品和安全解決方案,並培訓學生成為有能力的安全專業人員 為政府服務,獲得行業高端崗位。 所收集的豐富的專業知識、研究成果以及與客戶行業的聯繫為解決客戶行業的技術需求奠定了非常強大的知識基礎。


The Focus of the center is to combine data science and artificial intelligence approaches with interdisciplinary perspectives on cyber risk, threat intelligence, attack detection, situational awareness, and incubation. Additionally, this facility serves as a hub for international conferences and seminars on artificial intelligence and cyber security. This center also provides a training environment for graduate and post-doctoral students interested in pursuing careers in security.


該中心的重點是將數據科學和人工智能方法與網絡風險、威脅情報、攻擊檢測、態勢感知和孵化的跨學科視角相結合。 此外,該設施還是人工智能和網絡安全國際會議和研討會的中心。 該中心還為有興趣從事安全事業的研究生和博士後學生提供培訓環境。

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